The Livers/Brinberg Family

When I met the Livers/Brinberg family at Riverside Park, Dani (short for Danielle) was not ready to have her picture taken. After mentioning the playground, her mood changed in less than five minutes. She has such an inner and outer beauty that I was absolutely enchanted by her. Her expressions begged to be photographed. It was very important for me to capture the joy between she and her father, Paul, while he was twirling her around. 

I love to capture the intimacy and existing emotions between people, and this family made it very easy. Little Henry was so willing to do anything, as long as he had his pretzels. He was happy to investigate the trees and experience the park. And let me not forget Eileen and Paul, the willing parents, who acquiesced to any and all of my suggestions, such as meeting in Riverside Park and investigating the trees behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I feel that I made some great friends while photographing them.

Beth CaronComment