The Miller/Rasmussen Family

Haakon was not yet 10-weeks-old when I photographed him and his parents, Dana and David. Dana looked amazing and had an incredible glow about her. David was just such a proud papa—and his son looks like a tiny version of him. 

I really tried to express the happiness that they are experiencing as a family in the photographs. It was great to watch them share in the love of their newborn. We often see a mother and child, but it is also beautiful to see the intimacy between and father and son. I can’t wait to photograph them for their holiday card! 

The Livers/Brinberg Family

When I met the Livers/Brinberg family at Riverside Park, Dani (short for Danielle) was not ready to have her picture taken. After mentioning the playground, her mood changed in less than five minutes. She has such an inner and outer beauty that I was absolutely enchanted by her. Her expressions begged to be photographed. It was very important for me to capture the joy between she and her father, Paul, while he was twirling her around. 

I love to capture the intimacy and existing emotions between people, and this family made it very easy. Little Henry was so willing to do anything, as long as he had his pretzels. He was happy to investigate the trees and experience the park. And let me not forget Eileen and Paul, the willing parents, who acquiesced to any and all of my suggestions, such as meeting in Riverside Park and investigating the trees behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I feel that I made some great friends while photographing them.


Photographing Jake and his parents, Jane and John, was so much fun it was hard to call the photography session work. I took the family portrait in ’08 as well as this year and it is amazing how fast children grow. Jake wasn’t yet walking during the first photography shoot and now he can run. 

It was great to follow Jake around the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park. Photographing Jake was about seizing the moment and experiencing all the wonders of the park and nature (playing in the leaves and seeing all the plants and flowers for the first time). Capturing Jake’s infectious laugh was innervating, and provided even passersby with a bit of delight.

Gabby and Max

Gaby and Max are very close in age and they seemed like playmates more than siblings. The pair are very close and I could see the love they have for each other in many of the photographs. It was interesting to see the introspective/thoughtful quality in Gaby versus the scientific/practical mind of Max.


Linn and Sandy were fostering Isaiah and wanted some special memories of their time with him. I watched them interact and wanted to capture their love and support of him. It is obvious that this little baby had a great impact on their life.

Luke and Owen

Luke and Owen were really excited to be photographed for their holiday card with their new family addition: Logan, a black labrador retriever. They were happy to play in the park, just throwing the ball and running in the leaves.  

One of the reasons I love photographing children and dogs is that they are so expressive of the joy they feel during play. With children, as with animals, there is nothing hidden or false. They are beautiful to photograph, no matter what emotion they are experiencing because it is so pure. I aspire to capture each moment and convey that joy as well as sincerity.